• Depression: Don't tell me you understand because you get sad sometimes.
  • Insomnia: Don't tell me you have insomnia because you missed a few nights of sleep.
  • Eating disorder: Don't tell me you have an eating disorder because you missed a meal.
  • Bipolar: Don't tell me you have bipolar because you get mood swings on your period.
  • Anxiety: Don't tell me you have anxiety because you got nervous before an exam.
  • ADHD: Don't tell me you have ADHD because you're hyper sometimes.
  • Schizophrenia: Don't tell me you have schizophrenia because you sometimes see shadows and hear sounds at night.
  • OCD: Don't tell me you to have OCD because you like to wash your hands after you eat.
  • Self injury: Don't tell me you understand because you once skinned your knee to get out of sport.
  • Suicidal: Don't tell me you too are suicidal because you would rather die than miss a concert.
  • Just don't.


SnK Fanart: Erwin, Nile and Mike in the early days. - Feb.25 2014

the-jellyfish-princess asked:
Would you do more yoga art? I'd love to see Levi doing crow for the hell of it.


This time the kids win :_D


it’s been a while since i last did one


"you can’t just think every character is queer" watch me. watch me


  • found their phone number in a library book au
  • hitchhiker ride au
  • met through online rpg au
  • disneyworld cosplayers au
  • accidentally taking each other’s bags au
  • camp councelors au
  • antiques shop au
  • called the wrong number while drunk au
  • sex shop au
  • found their dog au
  • crashed their car au
  • yoga class au
  • public demonstration au


If you’re not gonna eat that then give it back…

pervin just being a dirty old man



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danchoutouchmyeyebrows is a saint and no one can convince me otherwise. Look at the shit I put my Twin through!

and this is what my senpais do in their spare time….


you know that feeling when you find out something you didn’t want to know and you get that pain in your chest and it just fucking hurts it hurts so fucking bad